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10:42 AM

Adsense between Blogger Posts

Posted by leather leathergloves on Thursday, February 26, 2009

How to add Adsense ads between Blogger posts:

Adding adsense ads inside blog posts is a very good thing to do to increase your CTR.
CTR means "(number of times your ad clicked) / (number of times it is shown)". So, the more CTR you have, the more $$ you get.

As we know, there are more chances for the ads to be clicked when they are in the middle (blog posts) rather than at the sidebars (especially the right sidebar), footer, etc. So,

How to place adsense ads between Blog posts:

By doing this, the adsense units will be displayed between the blog posts in the homepage, archive pages and permalink (individual post pages).

Follow the procedure to do this:

1. Sign in to your blogger dashboard -> click on the layout link

2. Click on the Edit link in the "Blog Posts' column [look at the screenshot below]

click on Edit ..............a pop up window opens..........

3. Check the box next to 'Show ads between Posts'

4. Next, configure the ads, choose the format, colours, etc and SAVE THE CHANGES.

That's it! Now your adsense ads will show between blog posts.

Next post: Floating "Top of Page" icon widget.


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