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12:26 AM

Email vs Blog vs Facebook

Posted by leather leathergloves on Friday, June 24, 2011

vs vs

I have been blogging for a while now. One of my colleagues told me the era of blogging is over and the "in" thing now is social networking Facebook.

He described the era of the progression being Email->Blog->Facebook.

Email is passive and pretty simplex. You send, s/he reply, you reply..., broadcast...

Blog is one way and you need to search for the information you wanted.

Facebook is interactive and gives you information that you needed proactively.

While email is passive, it serves a specific need. At your own time, leisure, schedule, reply the email. Of course instant messaging (IM), tweets, SMS, WhatsApp is quickly replacing it with more prompt replies, but at the expense of distracting from what you may be focussing on. That's opportunity cost, promptness vs focus.

Blogs on the other hand serves a different niche. Search for the exact information you want on the blog and move on to the next. The information in a blog can be highly organized to your specific needs.

I have not deep dived into Facebook to fully appreciate the features, but I find the information on Facebook very cluttered and usually you have to spend at least an hour, replying to pokes from friends and trying out the applications they send and updating your status. Very time consuming. The great part is you can find your long lost buddies. But you have to be careful what you update about yourself as privacy is now fully exposed. I can't advertise on Facebook like blogging unless someone can teach me.

Anyway, conclusion is each serves their specific needs & will not be replaced for quite a while.


maddy said...

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