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3:27 PM

Can't Save Blogger Posts

Posted by Leathergloves on Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long story short.

I copied and pasted HTML source from a RTS game forum. I removed most of the tags except the <span> </span> tags, which have all the font colors, highlights, styles, etc.

I tried to save or publish the post, but took a LONG time and finally FAILED.

Googled for answers and the recommended solution from Google forum is to delete all the </span> tags. NO EXPLANATION or whatsoever.

I troubleshooted. The exact problem was the nested <span>s.

<span style="..."><span style="...">...text...</span></span>

A <span> tag should have a corresponding closing </span> tag but not nested. You can combine the styles into one <span> separated by a semi-colon.

<span style="font-size: 150%; line-height: normal; color: brown">AVALON WARS</span>


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